The Gullah People

Are a combination of Aboriginal American and African.  That came pre-Columbus to America.  Guale or Gullah is believed to be one of the oldest people and cultures in the world.

Join The Gullah Nation And Help Those In Need

Senior Services

Seniors need kind and considerate people to run errands like get groceries, prescriptions, cutting grass, trips to the doctor and so much more.  Seniors are the pillars of our communities and they need your help.  We also need meals for the sick, shut in’s and elderly.  Join “The Nation” to help them today.

Shelter Services

Currently, there are more homeless people on the streets of America that we have in our Military Reserves.  Restaurants, hotels, casinos and other eating establishments throw away enough food each day to provide a meal to everyone in America for one (1) week.  One random act of kindness can mean the difference between a roof over a homeless person head and a hot meal and starvation exposure.  Join “The Nation” to help solve this preventable problem.

Community Development

Lead paint removal, black mold abatement, asbestos removal and other issues affecting our communities.  Join “The Nation” to become apart of the solution.

Become a Provider